Categories that include Additional Per Unit Fee

As of July 4, 2023, some categories will no longer be exempt from the Additional Per Unit Fee sold for Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, on top of the fees associated with selling under the Premium or Classic Listing type. Review fees per country here: 

Please consider the following categories and adjust your operation accordingly:


Cleaning accessories

Bathroom accessories


Storage and Organization

Lip Balms

Coffee makers

Boxes, Drawers, and Baskets

Colonies for Babies

Depilatory Creams

Creams, Ointments, and Oils

Shoe Care

Dental and Facial care

Hair removal



Shaving Foams

Feminine Hygiene

Insecticides and Repellents

Soaps and Cleansers


Face and Eye Makeup



Cloths (vehicle cleaning)

Disposable tissues

Laundry and Cleaning products

Hair products

Incontinence Protection

Makeup sets

Kitchen Textiles

Wet wipes

Treatments for Hands and Feet

Preparation Utensils

Tableware and Serving Items


*Exceptions may apply. In addition, this list is subject to change at any time. 

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