How do I get paid?

How will I receive money transfers?

The money transferred from Mercado Pago account will be credited to your account every week. Each transfer includes all delivered orders, 2 days prior it’s executed. 

The minimum amount to be transferred is US$ 500.

What happens with currency fluctuations?

You don’t need to worry about currency fluctuations. Although customers pay in their local currency, you’ll receive the amount you published in USD, deducting applicable fees.

How do I know what operations were included in a specific money transfer?

Every transfer will have its corresponding report which indicates the operations included in it. The report will be available in Mercado Pago’s Reports section for you to download once the transfer is made. Click here to learn more about Reports.

How do I change my collection method?

You can update your collection methods such as your bank account information or your Payoneer account. Simply go to Summary on your Global Selling account, Settings > Selling Preferences.

What happens when a transfer fails?

If this happens, the report is still valid. The money returns to your Mercado Pago account and the operation will appear in the report as a new row in the NET_CREDIT column.

Keep in mind…

The glossary is a useful tool to consult technical terms you might stumble upon in your report.

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