How can I schedule Fulfillment shipments with my international logistics supplier?

We’ve improved the experience of scheduling Fulfillment shipments. From now on, your international logistics supplier in your destination country will be able to schedule the exact date and time of delivery in our warehouses. By doing so, we ensure efficiency as well as a seamless experience for you and your international logistics supplier.

After the scheduling of the appointment, you will now be able to track the status of your shipments!

The process to schedule Fulfillment shipments in our warehouses is the following:

  • Register your international Logistics Supplier. To do so, simply share the Registration Form depending on the country where your logistic company is located:

Keep in mind that your logistic company is the one responsible for filling in the necessary information. Disregard this step if your international logistics supplier is already registered.

  • Once you finish the step-by-step of creating a shipment, a screen with the Shipment and Seller IDs will appear. These are the IDs you must share with your international logistics supplier since this information is mandatory for them to schedule a delivery date and time in our warehouses.

    You can also access this screen through the Created Shipments Full section, click on Listings Management and look for the shipment. Both View details and Resume shipping buttons will take you to this screen.
  • You’re all set! With the Shipment and Seller IDs, your logistics supplier will be able to schedule a date and time subject to our capacity to deliver your products.

Keep in mind...

You can follow up the tracking of your shipments through the Created Shipments Full section and get to know the entry date and time of your products.

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