APP ID Unification Process

At Global Selling Mercado Libre we have launched our Developer Partner Program and we are improving the quality of our Support service, using a tool for which registration will be through a unique application identifier. In addition, we have two types of partners:

-Partners with several seller_id_cbt accounts and each shop creates a different app_id to perform all the Mercado Libre management
-Single seller_id_cbt account our partner create two or more app_id from where they control the whole Mercado Libre operation, separated by flows (one app_id to publish, another one to manage orders) or separated by sellers (they group all sellers by app_id).

Below we show the steps that must be taken to achieve this process. All the screenshots are from a test account.

Configure a unique app id

The main account that is going to manage the app_id, should be associated with a non-personal business email, to avoid that access to this account is in the hands of a single person as well as the notifications that are sent from Mercado Libre, example of business email:


Both behaviors don’t correspond to good practices for Mercado Libre, so it is required that our partners integrated with Mercado Libre CBT create or select a single app_id from where they control the entire operation of all their shops and sellers.

Verify that the selected app_id has all the permissions and notifications that the partner requires to operate correctly, as well as verify the URLs for both Authentication and security and notifications.

Migrate users

Users in other applications must be migrated to the main application that has been created or selected in the previous steps, this requires each seller to authorize the new app_id.

You can know or list all the users that are part of your current application or from the front you can also view this information.

Before deleting each user of the old or secondary application, an invitation must be sent from the new main application for the seller to authorize the new app. We recommend that you don’t tell the seller that you are performing an app migration but that you tell him that it is a mandatory system upgrade.

The change to the URL of notifications is not immediate, from Mercado Libre this change becomes effective 3 days later, so it is recommended that the user's grant in the secondary app is not deleted until 3 days after the seller authorizes the new app.

Once all users have been migrated, the secondary app should be removed, to only display the main app that will be certified by our Open Platform Mercado Libre team.


Remember that if you need help during this process you can contact Mercado Libre's support channel.