Shipping Solutions

How to plan your shipments to Full

Planning your shipments timely and with the appropriate stock is essential so that you can cover your sales and avoid having extra units that generate fees.

Shipping Solutions

How to make your first shipment of stock to Full

Learn what to take into account when sending your products to the warehouse so that we can store and dispatch them every time you sell.

Shipping Solutions

How to manage your stock at Full using Excel reports

Learn about the available reports and how to download them.

Shipping Solutions

What are my costs to operate with Full in Mexico

How storage fees work at Full for your units in Mexico and what other fees you can avoid.

Shipping Solutions

What is Full and what benefits it offers

With Full you can offer a better shopping experience with faster delivery time and less effort.

Shipping Solutions

Control your performance at Full with the quality score

Reviewing your quality score daily will help you to identify opportunities and make decisions to accelerate your sales and prevent fees.

Shipping Solutions

Where you can manage your stock at Full from

In "Stock Management Full" you will find different tools and recommendations to manage your stock and plan shipments and pickups.

Shipping Solutions

How to track your pickups or discards

Find below the process your stock goes through when you create a pickup or discard in Full.

Shipping Solutions

How to prepare and identify your products to be sent to Full

Learn how to prepare and identify your products so that they can be put on sale and remain well protected in the warehouse.

Shipping Solutions

How to group and identify your products into volumes to be sent to Full

Learn how to group and identify your volumes correctly so that we can receive your shipment at the warehouse.