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Size chart: optimize your listings efficiently

Check out how to add a chart to your listing and get a better position in the search results.

When buying apparel online, many users often have questions about the product measurements. The size chart is the best option to reduce questions and offer buyers accurate information about the product.

It is mandatory to complete the size charts while creating new listings. By doing this, you will provide all the information your buyers need.

What is a size chart?

It is an equivalence or size chart to add to the listing. This allows you to offer buyers the exact measurements to help them choose the product that meets their needs.

Buyers can check the chart in the product listing by clicking on "Size chart".


What details should be filled out in a size chart

  • The chart name so it can be easily identified.
  • The sizes that may be linked by variations and which are shown in the listing for the buyer.
  • The body measurements so that the buyer is able to identify the size (e.g.: foot width, waist circumference).


International equivalencies

When you begin listing your products on Mercado Libre, you must consider that you'll attract buyers from around the world. Different regions and websites may have varying ways of displaying fashion products size.

To ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers, it is essential including international size equivalents in your listings. This helps buyers quickly find the right fit.

Keep in mind you only need to add these size equivalencies once.

What are the advantages of offering a size chart?


Reduces returns

With the size chart in the listings, the buyers will know exactly what they are buying and you will have less returns due to the wrong size.


Reduces the quantity of questions

By informing the measurements of the products properly you prevent your buyers from making questions.


Improve your position in the search results

By receiving fewer returns in your listings, your reputation improves and your products will appear at the top of the search results, increasing your exposure.

How to add a size chart

When listing, you have the chance to create a new size chart or add one that has been used before and which is compatible with your product.


It is possible to add a size chart in in three scenarios:


  1. When creating your listing, we will ask you to add a size chart that already exists or to create a new one.
  2. If you edit in bulk online, in the "Size chart" column it is possible to select the chart adequate to your listing or create a new one.
  3. If you list in bulk through Excel, you should paste the code of the adequate chart to your listing: search it in "Size chart" by filling out the product brand and category, then click on "Copy code" and return to Excel to paste it to the corresponding field.

How to list correctly

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Use the size chart and increase your sales!

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