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How to plan your shipments to Full

Planning your shipments on time and with the right stock is critical for you to cover your sales, avoid extra fees and boost your business.

Start a shipment plan by selecting an estimated date

You will be able to create a new plan within the “Shipment planning” section. In the event that you can replenish, you will be able to follow our recommended shipment plan that will help you save planning time and boost your business. 

Add products to the plan by filling out which units to send


To decide which product and how many units to send to Full, you have different tools: 

Predetermined order by time until running out of stock: it helps you prioritize which products to send since in the list the first ones are those that sell more or are about to run out.

Filter of products to replenish urgently: it allows you to identify the products which units are enough to cover less than one week of sales and that need to be replenished as soon as possible. 

Stock recommendations: they help you define how many units of each product to send, your sales history, the remaining time until you run out of stock in the warehouse, and the units you have on the way to the warehouse or to pick up. 

Please note that, whenever our shipment recommendations do not suit your business’ needs, you can disable them from the option menu next to each product on the plan’s list. 

By doing so, you will receive increasingly customized suggestions that will allow you to plan more efficient shipments and boost your sales.

Please note that generally, you will be able to send the same products you sell through other logistics to the warehouse, but there are some products prohibited for shipment to Full.

Confirm your plan and start preparing the shipment

Once the stock you will send is defined and after all necessary modifications, you have to confirm your plan and start to prepare your products so that we receive them at the warehouse and put them up for sale. 

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