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How to make your first shipment of stock to Full

Learn what to take into account when sending your products to the warehouse so that we can store and dispatch them every time you sell.

Now that you have more information about how Full works, we will explain how to make your first shipment. You will need to determine which products you are going to send, prepare and identify them and take them to the warehouse on the date you have booked. Here is the step by step:


1. Plan and create your shipment

In the "Stock Management Full" section, you will find the “Shipment planning” option where you will have to define the products and quantities to send to Full. 

Generally, you can send the same products to the warehouse as you send using other Mercado Libre logistics. To make sure they are suitable for Full, please check which are the products prohibited for shipment to Full.


2. Book an appointment to bring your products

As we get ready at the warehouse to receive the products you send, during the preparation of the shipment, we will ask you to choose an appointment to take your stock. Please note that without it, we will not be able to receive your products. 

You can bring the stock on your own, send it from your supplier or, depending on the area where you are located, you can request a home pickup or send it by courier.


3. Check and identify your products

In order for us to put your products up for sale, they must be in good condition and correctly identified so that we know which listing each one belongs to. For that:  

  • Make sure that each product has a primary packaging that protects the product in its entirety and allows it to be seen. In case they do not have it, add a transparent and resistant bag or box that allows the reading of their labels, codes and information.
  • Identify each product with the labels that we will provide you with. When preparing your shipment, you should print labels for all units and attach them in a visible place.

More on how to prepare and identify products


4. Prepare packages and/or pallets with your products and identify them

Once you have reviewed and identified your products, you must group them in volumes such as boxes and identify them with the labels we will give you for each one. You can also ship them stacked on pallets.

If you are shipping master boxes of products as they come from the manufacturer or supplier, be sure not to open them.

Learn how to prepare packages and/or pallets and identify them

5. Take your shipment on the scheduled appointment

When you finish preparing your shipment, in case you send it on your own, from your supplier or with home pickup, we will give you an authorization to enter the warehouse so you can print and present it on the day of your appointment. 

Remember to respect the appointment date and only bring to Full the quantities you said you were going to send as we are preparing to receive what you declared. In case you do not comply, we will not be able to ensure the entry of your stock and you may be charged for non-compliance.


Follow the steps to create your shipment so that when we receive your products, we can store them carefully and deliver your sales the same or next day.

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