Global Selling

Tips for correctly categorizing your products

By listing your product under the right category, you increase sales and improve visibility. Learn what to keep in mind when categorizing products.

Global Selling

Photos are your business' first impression. Stand out!

One of the most important elements when deciding whether to buy an item is the product's photos. Check out how to take quality photos to improve your sales.

Global Selling

How to manage listings efficiently

The success of your business depends on good listing management. Learn how to properly manage them in order to avoid infringing our policies.

Global Selling

Size chart: optimize your listings efficiently

Reduce potential returns or questions from your sellers by creating or associating a size chart in your footwear category listings.

Shipping Solutions

How to manage your stock at Full using Excel reports

Learn more about the available reports and where you can download them.

Shipping Solutions

What are my costs to operate with Full in Mexico

How storage fees work at Full for your units in Mexico and what other fees you can avoid.

Shipping Solutions

What is Full and what benefits it offers

With Full you can offer a better shopping experience with faster delivery time and less effort.

Global Selling

Check how we protect intellectual property on Mercado Libre

Our priority is to ensure a safe and reliable shopping experience for buyers on Mercado Libre.

Global Selling

What are duplicate listings and how to avoid them

Learn what duplicate listings are. This practice should be avoided so that you have an attractive and reliable showcase.

Shipping Solutions

Control your performance at Full with the quality score

Reviewing your quality score daily will help you to identify opportunities and make decisions to accelerate your sales and prevent fees.