Global Selling

Follow these best practices to avoid potential sanctions

Comply with the platform conditions and provide the best experience to buyers.

Global Selling

How to request the reshipment of a Full pickup

We tell you what to do if you were unable to receive a pickup delivery at Full and your stock has returned to the distribution center.

Global Selling

What is necessary to be a MercadoLeader

Being a MercadoLeader helps you stand out from the competition and gives you more tools to grow. Check out how to achieve it.

Shipping Solutions

How to plan your shipments to Full

Planning your shipments timely and with the appropriate stock is essential so that you can cover your sales and avoid having extra units that generate fees.

Shipping Solutions

How to make your first shipment of stock to Full

Learn what to take into account when sending your products to the warehouse so that we can store and dispatch them every time you sell.

Global Selling

Fashion Photos: improve their quality and boost your sales

Learn how to achieve attractive listings and improve your positioning in the search results.

Global Selling

Tips for correctly categorizing your products

By listing your product under the right category, you increase sales and improve visibility. Learn what to keep in mind when categorizing products.

Global Selling

Photos are your business' first impression. Stand out!

One of the most important elements when deciding whether to buy an item is the product's photos. Check out how to take quality photos to improve your sales.