How to create a good title

The title is essential for buyers to find your product. Therefore, it should be as clear as possible.

Remember that you can make all necessary changes in the listing detail as long as you have no orders.

To learn how to create a good title, first check out some concepts:

  • Brand: Represents the product manufacturer. Brands often include identifying elements, such as logos and names in common.
  • Brand attribute: It is the product specification sheet field of a listing where you add the brand of the product offered.
  • Generic or non-branded product: It is a type of product that does not belong to any brand, also called "private label". These products are usually compatible with other recognized brands.

Important: The brand attribute must be compatible with the product's manufacturer brand. Otherwise, your listing will be paused and you will have only one opportunity to correct it and avoid being canceled permanently.

How to create your listing title?

If it is a branded product:

  • Please indicate the actual brand of the product.
  • Make sure it matches the brand attribute in the product specification sheet. Thus, you avoid complaints from your buyers and intellectual property infringements.

If it is a generic product or compatible with other brands:

  • Make it clear that it is compatible with other brands by using the word "for".
  • Please do not use words like "kind of", "similar", "equal to" etc. to refer to other brands.

Please follow these recommendations to avoid intellectual property rights infringements. Please note that this type of infringement may result in the suspension or even deactivation of your account.

Other recommendations:

  • Please avoid providing information about other services in the title, such as returns, free shipping or payments in installments because your buyers will see this information in the product, without the need to enter the listing.

  • If your product is new, used or reconditioned, please do not include this information in the title. Add it in the features and we will show it in the listing detail.

  • If you sell the same product but with different colors, do not add the color in the title. It is better to create variations, so everything will be in a single listing.

  • If you only have stock of a certain color, add this information when listing or in the features section, so that your buyers can read the complete product specification sheet. However, you can add it in the title, as it would be a listing that sells only one variation.

  • If you give any discount, we will also indicate it by showing the percentage of the deal. We also have a special label to draw attention. It is not necessary to add it to the title.
    Please separate the words with spaces and do not use punctuation marks or symbols.

  • Check for spelling errors.


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