Supermarket products enabled just to authorized sellers

In order to create the largest Supermarket in Latin America and to keep up with the growth at Full, we need to optimize our storage space and the stock distribution. For this reason, you will no longer be able to send some Supermarket products and they will only be available to authorized sellers.

What will happen to the restricted units that are already stored?

The units of as restricted Supermarket products that you already have in stock will remain up for sale until they are sold out.

Can I become an authorized seller? 

As we are not going to include more authorized sellers to the program, we recommend you to use the other Mercado Envios logistic methods to keep selling these products.

Can I continue sending my other Supermarket products to Full?

You will be able to continue sending your remaining Supermarket products to Full and so focus on offering those that distinguish you from other sellers.

If you plan to include Supermarket products in your next shipments, please be sure to take this into account to guarantee its entry.

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