How to calculate the shipping fee of your products

You can calculate the shipping fees based on the package gross weight for each order in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

Please consider that:

- Infringement of our Prohibited product policy or any current legislation will lead to listings being canceled and your partial, temporary, or permanent suspension to sell on the website. 

- Packages should meet the following dimensions and weight standards to avoid being rejected at our Warehouse and avoid leading extra costs you must bear. 

Package gross weight calculation

This is how you can get the gross weight of your products:

Gross weight: refers to the weight of an item plus the shipping packaging.

Package gross weight

Steps to calculate shipping fees

Please follow the instructions below.

  1. For the gross weight, weigh the item inside the shipping package you’ll use to ship it.
  2. Check the following shipping fee chart of the destination country to determine the total fee:
gross weight only
Mexico Chile
gross weight only
gross weight only
Origin China View View View View
USA View View View View

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