What does it mean that my units have quality issues?

The units with quality issues correspond to the ones we took from the stock for sale, because buyers reported they don't meet the expected conditions.

A product may have quality issues for several reasons:

  • It does not work or is damaged.
  • It does not correspond to what is in the listing.
  • It is incomplete.
  • It is an imitation.

How to avoid quality issues in your units at Full

To avoid having units with quality issues at Full, before sending them, check if:

  • They are working properly, have an instruction manual and are carefully packed to prevent damage during shipment to the distribution center.
  • Correspond to what is being offered in the listing. If you are sending variations of the same product, check if the information of each one is clear and if they match what you are sending.
  • Include all parts mentioned in the listing.
  • They are not an imitation of another product.

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