What the Brand Protection Program is and what it protects

The Brand Protection Program is suitable for rights holders who defend the intellectual property of creations such as brands, logos, literary and artistic work, design, images or inventions, among other creations.

On the other hand, the program seeks to help the different user types of the platform:

To rights holders, to protect their creations,

To sellers, to have a safe space to sell, and

To our buyers, to make them aware that they will always have original and best quality products.

What rights holders can do

The program enables the rights holders to report potential violations in Mercado Libre listings.

In those cases, the sellers can send a counter-notice to the rights holder, proving that he is not violating rights or, in some cases, changing his listing. Learn more about the report process.

Any rights holder may enter the platform and join the program, providing supporting documentation.

Some questions you might have

Only the rights holders cancel the listings or does Mercado Libre does it as well?

At Mercado Libre we also ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions. Therefore, we may detect these types of violations, through reports from authorities, internally or through other reports from our users.

Is Mercado Libre not able to check my listings when I receive a report?

The rights holder is the one who knows best his rights. That is why we don’t intervene in the analysis during the reporting process. If you have any questions about the rights holder decisions, you can find its information in the report details to contact them directly.

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