How to list products without infringing intellectual property

The intellectual property rights are resources that a person or company has to protect its brands, logos, literary and artistic work, design, images or inventions, among other creations.

That's why in Mercado Libre we have rules that prohibit offering counterfeit products or including content in your listing that makes inappropriate use of trademarks or infringements an intellectual property right.

Learn what you can do to list without infringing third-party rights.

Always offer original products

  • Please note that we do not allow you to offer counterfeit products, i.e., products that include a third-party trademark and that have not been manufactured or authorized by their holders.
  • Always keep your purchase invoice. We may ask for it if a rights holder finds a possible infringement due to counterfeit product in your listing. 


Avoid making inappropriate use of trademarks in your listing

  • If your product is generic:
    • Include the term "generic" in the product specification sheet.
    • If it is compatible with other brands, always describe it in the title and description, writing "compatible with the corresponding brands".
  • Avoid using words like "similar", "type" or "replica" to refer to trademarks that you do not hold.

  • If you sell customized products, make sure not to include or use logos or trademarks in your products.
    • For example: you can offer printed T-shirts, but you cannot list a product that is using a third-party trademark logo, or that can be confused with a product of that brand.
  • If you edit the images in your listing, make sure you do not use third-party logos or trademarks superimposed on your photos.
    • If you do so, you could expose your listing to both possible trademark and copyright infringements.
  • Don’t imply that you are an official distributor of a brand if you do not have the corresponding authorization.

Create your own content in the listing

This way, you can protect your listing from copyright infringements.

  • Take your own pictures. Remember that if you download pictures from the Internet, you could infringe third-party copyrights. View more image tips.

  • Write your own description. If you copy your product description or, for example, copy the summary of a book on your listing, you may be infringing copyrights.

Avoid offering unauthorized copies

We do not allow offering unauthorized copies of books (such as in PDF format), manuals, study guides, courses, software, video games, photos, music or movies; or derivative works, without the rights holder permission, such as translations and adaptations.

Avoid infringing related rights

Related rights protect the legal interests of individuals and legal entities that contribute to perform, interpret, produce or make a work available to the audience.

We do not permit the offering of unauthorized copies or access to services that infringe these rights.

We suggest that:

  • If you offer music or movies, please do it on original media from their respective producers.
  • Do not sell unauthorized recordings or copies of programs, films, shows, recitals, sporting events and/or series that are not supplied by the respective producers.
  • Do not offer products that reproduce the image of performers that are not authorized original merchandising.
  • Do not offer access service to signals or devices that pick up closed signals, whether cable, satellite or radio waves, if you are not authorized to do so.
Download the Brand Protection Program Toolkit to learn more about how we support intellectual property protection. 

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