How to pick up your products from Full?

If you have products in Full that are damaged or not selling as expected, you can pick them up from the option "Pick up products", which is under Stock Management Full.
When you create your pickup, you can choose to get your stock from the warehouse with a service vehicle, carrier or request for Mercado Libre to discard it. 

Pick up with a service vehicle or carrier

Book an appointment to pick up your products

After informing us how many units you wish to take, you will need to book an appointment to pick them up at the warehouse. 

Keep in mind that reservation dates are subject to the availability of our operation, so we suggest you schedule the pickup in advance.

Don't forget to take the pickup authorization

In order to pick up your products from the warehouse, you must present the pickup authorization that you can print when scheduling your appointment.

Once the pickup has been confirmed, you can see it under Created pickups Full.

Request Mercado Libre to discard the stock

When you choose to discard your stock, we will arrange for it to be sent to non-profit organizations, recycling or destruction, depending on the condition of each product. 

Once you confirm the discard, the units will no longer be up for sale or generate long-term storage fees. In addition, we will start preparing your products in order to discard them from the warehouse, and you will not be able to cancel the action.

Please note that the discards made before March 2022 will be free of charge and, after that, it will generate costs. Check fees as of March 2022.

Keep in mind that the option of discarding stock is only available in Mexico's warehouse.

Disposal of unpicked units

If the units are not picked-up on the scheduled date, keep in mind they can be:

  • Donated

  • Delivered to the corresponding authorities

  • Discarded

  • Sold at a discount, at your expense (based on objective criteria)

For additional details, please check the corresponding Terms and Conditions of Mercado Envíos Full for Mexico and Chile.

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