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Last update 15/04/2024

Users & Apps

This examples will help you work with users and applications registered on Global Selling.

Resource Description Example
/users/{Cust_id}?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN User account information. GET
/users/me=$ACCESS_TOKEN Returns account information about the authenticated user. GET
/users/{Cust_id}/addresses?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Returns addresses registered by the user. GET
/users/{Cust_id}/accepted_payment_methods=$ACCESS_TOKEN Returns payment methods accepted by a seller to collect its operations. GET
/applications/{application_id}?ACCESS_TOKEN Returns information about the application. GET
/users/{User_id}/brands This resource retrieves brands associated to an user_id. The official_store_id attribute identifies a store. GET
/users/{Cust_id}/available_listing_types?category_id={Category_id} Listing types availability by user and category. GET
/users/{Cust_id}/available_listing_type/{listing_type_id}?category_id={Category_id} Retrieves availability to list under a listing type for a given category. GET
/users/{User_id}/applications/{App_id}?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN Application permissions. DELETE
/missed_feeds?app_id=$APP_ID Notifications history. GET
/marketplace/users/{user_id} User mapping with its corresponding marketplace user detail. GET