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Last update 29/09/2023

Listing limits

With this resource you obtain information on the limit of active publications that a seller has for each of the sites based on their reputation. Learn more about What are the listing limits.

Get listing limit

Send the access token of the global user to get the limit quantity of listings available per each marketplace user.


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'


        "user_id": 823718333,
        "site_id": "MLM",
        "logistic_type": "remote",
        "quota": 15000,
        "total_items": 6
        "user_id": 823714222,
        "site_id": "MLC",
        "logistic_type": "remote",
        "quota": 15000,
        "total_items": 0
        "user_id": 823714444,
        "site_id": "MLB",
        "logistic_type": "remote",
        "quota": 0,
        "total_items": 14

Response fields

quota: limit quantity of active items that the seller can have for each marketplace
site: This limit depends on the reputation that the seller has for that site
total_items: active listings quantity that the seller has for this site

Limit listings according seller reputation level

Reputation Level New cap
green platinum 50.000
green gold 50.000
green silver 20.000
green 10.000
light green 10.000
yellow 3.000
orange 1.000
red 1.000
newbie 1.000

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