Towards a 100% reliable e-commerce

This alliance is a partnership between Mercado Libre and intellectual property rights owners to ensure the most reliable shopping experience in Latin America.

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About us

Since the beginning, Mercado Libre has encouraged intellectual property rights owners to enforce their rights on its platform.

In over 20 years, we have learned that creating a reliable space for consumers requires a team effort between rights owners and the platform. That is why this alliance was born.

The Mercado Libre Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance brings together Mercado Libre and intellectual property rights owners’ knowledge and experience. We have a clear goal, which is to fight the trade of counterfeit and pirated products to ensure a safe space and the best online shopping experience.

We are totally confident, with a spirit of collaboration and continuous learning, and we will not rest until we achieve this!

What moves us forward

Our work focuses on the following goals:

Strengthen intellectual property protection at Mercado Libre
Continue creating a reliable digital space for the commercialization of products and services
Create awareness and implement new solutions to fight against counterfeiting and piracy.
Promote collaboration between the private and public sectors.


We joined forces to increase consumers' confidence.

Proactive measures

We use artificial intelligence models to remove counterfeit and pirated products listings on Mercado Libre.

Brand Protection Program

We continuously improve the free reporting tool so that rights owners can report and remove listings that infringe Mercado Libre's policies.

Training program

We train sellers to create listings that respect third-party intellectual property rights.

Joint legal actions

In collaboration with rights owners, we investigate and bring to the authorities those who offer counterfeit products.

Collaboration with authorities

We manage cooperation and training spaces with authorities in Latin America.

How we work

We proactively remove listings based on what we learn from the reports submitted through our Brand Protection Program. Also, we work with brands to identify trends in online offers of counterfeit and pirated products.

Together with brands, we perform online and offline investigations to provide law enforcement agencies evidence to pursue counterfeiters and work jointly to obtain legal consequences against them.

We promote collaboration with authorities to share the knowledge obtained from all those experiences.

We provide guidelines and training to our users so they are able to sell without infringing third parties’ IP rights.


We are a team led by Mercado Libre in partnership with major brands.

How to join?

To find out if you are eligible to join the Alliance you need to:

  • Be enrolled in the Brand Protection Program.

  • Have a robust track record of reporting listings potentially offering counterfeit and pirated goods.

  • Own a regional trademark portfolio in Latin America.

If you comply with all the criteria, please fill in the form to submit your request. Mercado Libre will review the information provided and contact you. If you are eligible, you will be required to enter into a Cooperation Agreement with Mercado Libre to join the Alliance. Mercado Libre reserves the right to accept applications.